Fifty frog offers the following consulting services:

Initial consult- For $75 Peter Haas will work with you and your team via a 15 minute video call to solve immediately pressing problems. Due to the time constraints of these calls they are restricted to the following format.

Problem presentation: 5 minutes

Analysis: 5  minutes

Q&A dialog: 5 minutes

If you are interested in doing an initial consult please contact us.

Full consults - After an initial consult video chat consults are are $300 an hour, billed hourly, with a one hour minimum. If you are unsure whether you want to engage Peter, please review some of the webinars to get a feel for the type of service you’ll get.

Free Webinar Viewing The next webinar "Social Enterprise Toolkit: Team Building" with Peter Haas will take place March 2nd 2013.

Buy Webinar Get a copy of the webinar and associated toolkit template files available to you for download. Prices are $65 through the weekend of the webinar and $85 there after. Digital files are made available 3 days after the webinar ends. Buy "Social Enterprise Toolkit" now: