Fifty Frogs is a consulting practice aimed at bringing more developing country products to market by connecting innovators with the resources needed to scale. Fifty Frogs focuses on three groups:

1)Entrepreneurs: Works with emerging market entrepreneurs to develop their enterprises.
2)Corporations: Consults with corporations needing design support for emerging market products
3)Product Designers: Works with inventors to solve issues that are preventing products from going to market

Fifty Frogs has been born out of 10 years of experience in international development and developing country product design work by Principal Peter Haas at the NGO he founded for helping SME’s and developing new products, AIDG .

Peter’s work with AIDG has been featured globally in major news outlets including:

Peter’s experiences at AIDG have taught him that the future of product innovation for the poor lies not with NGOs and University teams but with the private sector. Fifty Frogs product consulting and licensing work fills this niche.

Whether you are a developing country inventor trying to license your invention, or you are a fortune 500 corporation trying to understand how to approach design for extreme affordability, Fifty Frogs can help.

About Peter Haas

In addition to being Principal at Fifty Frogs, Peter Haas is the founder of AIDG.ORG. Over the past 8 years Peter has become an active voice for poverty issues, speaking at the World Bank, Harvard, MIT and other forums on technology design, entrepreneurship and SME finance. He has served green technology design judge for the EPA’s People, Prosperity and the Planet competition.

His work with AIDG has been featured in Fast Company, Popular Mechanics, NPR and Forbes. He was a 2006 Echoing Green Fellow, a 2008 Waldzell Institute Architect of the Future, and a 2009 TED Global Fellow. He is a speaker on TED.COM on engineering issues in Haiti relating to building failure in the January 2010 earthquake.

Before founding AIDG Peter worked both in the information technology field and on an organic farm and horse ranch doing infrastructure improvement work. He tinkers in water systems, electrical systems, electronic systems, masonry, plumbing, biogas, irrigation, welding, metal casting and sustainable building. Peter brings a multidisciplinary approach to any product design problem with a strong understanding of end user needs. Peter received a BA from Yale University in philosophy and psychology in 1998.



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